A Preview of Calculus


원의 넓이(The Area of The Circle) : http://me2.do/x6OyZ3Ry gifhttp://me2.do/GwKMDbRq

상합과 하합(Upper Sum and Lower Sum) : http://me2.do/5J7UNXEm gif_1 : http://me2.do/5Mlz08j1 gif_2 : http://me2.do/GKdJXclN gif_3http://me2.do/FQZGg9UE

접선에 접근하는 할선들(Secant lines approaching the tangent line) : http://me2.do/xlnmiiIY gif : http://me2.do/5wKFU7R2

순간속도와 평균속도(The instantaneous velocity and average velovity) : http://me2.do/xfOlie5v gif : http://me2.do/GRb2tYj6

수열 a_n=1/n의 극한 (The Limit of a Sequence a_n=1/n ) : http://me2.do/xaK2PbFG gif : http://me2.do/x70QvW1R

pi에 대한 유리수 근사(The rational approximations to pi) : http://me2.do/F1JYCcVB gif : http://me2.do/5MlWmYeZ

수열 S_n=1/2 + cdots + 1/2^n의 극한 (The Limit of a Sequence S_n=1/2 + cdots + 1/2^n ) : http://me2.do/GZkBQGZd gif : http://me2.do/5ZrazcyC